The ebook price went up…?

I went to check the link for Scott Sigler’s Ancestor on Amazon so I could start to catch up on writing some overdue reviews. I was shocked when I saw that the ebook that I had paid $9.99 for when it first came out had now gone up in price to $13.74!

The new price tag put the kibosh on writing a review - since I boycott ebooks that are priced over $9.99, I also don’t review them. I suppose that the world can live without hearing me refer to Scott Sigler as “the Jerry Bruckheimer of books.” But I really cannot figure out what’s going on here.

As you can see by looking at his website, Scott Sigler has been incredibly kind to his fans, doing things like giving his work away and creating free podcasts. And aren’t prices on books are supposed to go down after they’ve been out for a while, not up? Honestly, I cannot figure out what the publisher, Crown Books, is thinking….

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